This vape shop is great.

This vape shop is great. It's the best I've found since moving to Florida from New Jersey. Their prices are very fair and the service is always friendly. They have a large selection of juices and mods, along with a huge selection of tanks and atomizers. They carry pods for the Myle, which is my go to closed system pod device. They accept Apple Pay and also have an awesome rewards system.

- Justin P.

Definitely will be back!

Amazing selection of brands and products. Great option of flavors and the guy who helped us was super helpful and patient. Definitely will be back!

- Alicia M.

Amazing choices of juice.

I live in PSL but i always take that drive down to WPB to get all the things i need for my vape. Absolutely amazing choices of juice to choose from and super great customer service. The whole staff is awesome! Definitely became a regular there! ALSO, a rewards program? Can't get any better! Whether it's juice, coil or a MOD.. I get it there!

- Alyssa R.

They're great!

Went here while on vacation from Boston to get some CBD oil and "starter kit" and some trusted advice. This place did not disappoint! They ended up being from Boston originally and were very knowledgeable and helpful. They set me up with a good quality oil and took time to explain everything in detail. There's a reason this place is highly rated. They're great!

- Becky T.

Hands down the best shop.

Hands down the best shop in the area. I called almost every other shop in the area to get pricing on some products. Every other shop marked up there prices by almost 50%. Vapor Depot was the last place I called and he matched the online price! Amazing customer service. Most places will nickel and dime you to make a quick buck. It's obvious that having a loyal clientele is important to Vapor Depot. Not only that, he signed me up for a rewards program that gives discounts sent directly to you cell phone via text message, Amazing!!! Such a breathe fresh air to find a Vape Shop that actually cares about their customers.I will never go to another shop!! Thank you!

- Joseph H.

Great selection.

Very helpful service and honest . Great selection and good advice.

- Steven K.

Great customer service .

Went here the other day to get myself a new tank and juice and my boyfriend a whole set up for his birthday. They gave us a great deal and awesome stuff! I love that they have a rewards program because I get discounts and rack up points for free stuff really quick. His coil was messed up and they gave us a new one for free immediately because it was only one day. They really work with you and have a friendly staff. Great customer service :)

- Alyssa S.

I guarantee you will go back.

These guys know what customer service is about. I work in a Fortune 500 all about Customer service corporate retail company and I believe in our mission and bleed it daily. Driving to their store is a long drive for me. 30 minutes when there are shops around the corner. I have respect and love for one of the shops near me bc the owner Tony and staff Lisa and Jason are awesome. But nobody can come close to the customer service they provide. They stand by everything they sell and are always there to help. This shop is worth the visit and if you go, I guarantee you will go back. They are amazing. John and Jonathan are amazing. And they know their stuff and always seem to just fix a problem if there is one but they sell high quality product and stand by it. I will take the drive anytime for this shop and if you have not been there yet and are into vapor, you are missing out. Just listen. Go visit. They just struggled through a move to expand their shop and they still make time to take care of their customers. Probably the best PR I have ever experienced outside my own company. I'd hire them into my company if they didn't already have this glorious shop. This is no joke. Just go check them out. It's worth the stop and you will go back. Guaranteed!!!! Thanks for all you guys do and your dedication to your customers.

- Kim D.

The best vape shop.

Without a doubt, the best vape shop in the WPB area. I tried a store much closer to me first and ended up getting ripped off with a counterfeit Kanger product. After doing some research I decided to give Vapor Depot USA a shot and I'm glad I did. Their prices are competitive with what you'll pay online, maybe a few dollars more in some cases but I'd much rather support a local business so that the convenience of a local store continues to be available. The staff is all extremely knowledgeable on all of their products, very friendly, and they stand behind everything they sell which is refreshing. I haven't had to return anything, but it's nice to know that if something doesn't perform up to expectation I can count on these good people to do the right thing. Compare that to other stores in the area that won't even return a call or email when something ends up being counterfeit. Speaking of which, everything I've bought from Vapor Depot USA has been 100% authentic so there's nothing to worry about there.

- Marc G.

Great place!

Great place! Inexpensive, helpful, knowledgable and with high quality products. They also have a reward program that has easy to use. They honor their products and will gladly replace or discount a replacement if there is a issue. Place is a little hard to find, but well worth it!

- Kevin L.